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16 September 12:00 - 13:00

50+ tips and tricks for
better life

A mindful leader, a software engineer, an entrepreneur, a cook,
a husband, a father, a child, a new age stand up comedy motivational speaker spiritual healer guru wannabe. 

Medo likes to brag about the roles in his life and share the little shards of wisdom he acquired over the years.

Join him in this fast paced and entertaining webinar to get inspired on topics ranging from small household tweaks that improve your working from home experience, through building and maintaining meaningful relationships and all the way to wellness, spirituality and conspiracy theories.

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Ivan MEDO Dimoski
Mindful Leader | Android Expert | Cross-platform Enthusiast

Mindful leader and firm believer that personal and professional growth are indistinguishable. Passionate about building high performing and happy teams based on trust, honesty, mutual support and understanding. Android Expert with over 10 years of experience. Cross Platform Enthusiast.

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